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Pompe à Perfusion.

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aitecs® 3017 system is intended for use on adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in acute care hospitals, alternate site facilities, other post-acute healthcare facilities and patient transport environments, to provide the ability to infuse a broad range of fluids, medications, blood products and nutrition.

The pump will deliver continuous infusions via accepted clinical routes of administration, including intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), intra-osseous, intrathecal, epidural, subcutaneous, and irrigation of fluid spaces.

Infusion Modes

aitecs® 3017 in total has 4 infusion modes:  continuous, volume over time, dose over time and TPN (total parenteral nutrition).

Large Display for Maximum Experience

The intuitive, user-friendly interface promotes ease of use and simplifies device-training needs.

Free flow protection- INFULOCK®

INFULOCK® is an additional means to protect patient from free flow when the pumps inner door is opened.

When opening the pumps outer door the INFULOCK® is pulled from its slot while administration set is kept in place by inner door. This way the INFULOCK® clamps the administration set and stops fluid flow

Connect to the Systems

aitecs® 3017 is compatible with our Infusion Monitoring System (AIMS16), Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS), and/or Clinical Information System (CIS) via Infusion Station IDS.

Reaching Out to the Smallest

aitecs® 3017 is designed to meet the needs of all types of patients: from neonatal to adults. Its impeccable design allows precise infusion to the patients starting from 250g.

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